The official 'PULL BACK YOUR POWER' training!

Want more success & visibility, but hate that churning feeling in your stomach?  

In just 40 days, you can DOUBLE YOUR CONFIDENCE
with this ground-breaking mind-training for

Want more
success & visibility, but
hate that churning feeling in your stomach?  

In just 40 days, you can DOUBLE YOUR CONFIDENCE
with this ground-breaking mind-training for

Being introvert doesn't mean you can't enjoy 
standing out,
taking the lead,
and getting noticed!

Do you want to be a BRILLIANT SUCCESSFUL WOMAN who stands out from the crowd?
Tired of waiting for other people to notice you?
Want to actually FEEL CONFIDENT instead of having your stomach churning?
Want to be RELAXED and IN CONTROL when you're 'put on the spot'?
Fed up of men talking over you at work?
Want a proven process that takes you from tongue-tied to SELF-ASSURED?
Want to feel SAFE BEING VISIBLE, even though you're introvert?
Dream of feeling safe to relax and just BE YOU?


The frustration can end now!


In just 40 days, transform the way you feel in the world, so you automatically show up powerfully and authentically
in your relationships, and feel safe getting noticed AS YOU, instead of hiding in the background. 


Even if you've always felt invisible, you can transform your confidence in only 40 days, without changing your character, or having to push through anxiety.

How?  You can change your reaction to life with my game-changing mind-training.

It's a tried-and-tested process based on my twenty years of extensive research and experience working with hundreds of women. 

My Double Your Confidence training will put you in control of how you respond to situations that you used to dread.  It's time to love the limelight.

The "Pull Back Your Power" training!

In 2019, my ground-breaking book was published.  Almost as soon as it was out, I began to receive requests from women all over the world, asking for a training to show them exactly how to apply the empowerment keys to their daily lives.  This is that training!

In Double Your Confidence, you get shown precisely how to pull back your power from the people, issues and situations that hold you back.

This is 'Pull Back Your Power' in action!

Most women's empowerment focuses on superficial techniques that do NOTHING to change the way you feel inside.

So every time you step out of the shadow, it's an ordeal.

Either that, or you just stay stuck where you are - invisible.




Your POWER is actually being DRAINED by the people and situations around you.

It's this that makes you feel vulnerable.

My Double Your Confidence training teaches to
REVERSE that power flow.

So you feel safe being noticed as a powerful woman.

And you simply show up as YOU in your TRUE POWER, naturally confident.


The result - you EMBODY YOUR TRUE POWER 

And still be you.

Being able to:

Reduce anxiety before an interview, date or performance, and become calm and self-assured.


Turn on your 'unshakeable confidence' with repeatable ease, in situations you used to dread. 


Deal with confrontation, without feeling attacked.


Shine as an alluring, self-assured woman on an important date.


Put yourself forwards for that promotion, or ask for that pay rise instead of holding back.


Feel at ease in a meeting where you're one woman with ten men.


Stop fitting in, dumbing yourself down, or people-pleasing. 


Trust yourself to perform well, when eyes are on you.  


Stand up to people who've put you down for years,
and feel safe doing it!


And you no longer feel invisible, but instead are SEEN and HEARD.


Are you going to stay in the background, or is it time to get noticed?

Think about all those situations where you held back and regretted it afterwards.

The frustration when you didn't speak up or missed an opportunity because you didn't have the confidence to step forwards. 

All those times when that sickening feeling in your stomach ruined a what should have been a lovely event.

When that 'mansplainer' was so patronising, but you just didn't put him back in his box.

What about when you felt humiliated because men were speaking over you in the meeting?

Or what about when you didn't get the job because you got tongue-tied in that high-pressure interview?

Have you seen those other, extrovert, women sailing through with ease, but believed that could never be you?


Do you tell yourself you're not good enough? 

Here's the truth.

Women are still being undermined by mixed subconscious messages and double standards.  

We're fighting against childhood conditioning to stay in the background and be good girls.  
And under the surface lurks the ancient fear of powerful women being persecuted.

Here is the real cause of your low confidence, imposter syndrome and feeling not good enough.  

We think it's us!  But it's not.

NOT your personality or your abilities.

In Double Your Confidence, you learn how to counteract this sabotage with laser-precision.



I'm Dr Anne, Female Power Expert & best-selling author of Pull Back Your Power.


In 40 Days to Double Your Confidence I'm sharing two decades of discoveries, from transforming my own life, and helping hundreds of women like you. 

Thirty years ago, I was a high-flying academic, working in the 'boys' club' world of university engineering.  

This environment undermined me on so many levels, and I ended up having to leave that career - not because I couldn't do the job, but because being in that place turned my life into a never-ending ordeal of anxiety.  

It literally drained my power as a sensitive, introvert woman.

This took me on a journey deep into our subconscious world where I discovered the exact processes that undermine women when we want to shine - AND developed a unique process that counteracts this, and puts us in control. 

In 2019 I published my bestselling book "Pull Back Your Power", and this led to my ground-breaking The Re-Power® techniques.

The results my clients achieved were far beyond my expectations.  And so, 40 Days to Double Your Confidence was born!

If you're ready to experience the feeling of holding your power, as never before, free yourself from playing it small, it is my privilege to share my knowledge with you. 

By the end of '40 Days to Double Your Confidence',
you'll have the ability to:

  • TURN OFF 'FIGHT OR FLIGHT'  whenever you feel under attack, lack confidence or are struggling to speak up (both in person or on Zoom!)
  • STAND UP FOR YOURSELF with workplace bullies, overbearing in-laws or misogynists.

  • FEEL SAFER IN THE SPOTLIGHT than you ever believed possible.

  • PROJECT CREDIBILITY AND POWER instead of feeling dismissed, invisible or over-looked.
  • Set up profound confidence IN ADVANCE of an important meeting, interview or date, so you can relax on the day and BE YOUR BRILLIANT SELF.

  • TRANSFORM ANY RELATIONSHIP so you can express yourself, and have more intimacy and safety.
Unlike other courses and programmes that only give you superficial techniques, in '40 Days' you get to the root of your reaction, and actually change this - so you don't have to fake it or push though anxiety any longer.

Instead, you actually BECOME CONFIDENT.


This is so much more than confidence, it's a profound

Go from feeling vulnerable to resilient and strong, with anyone, anywhere.
Identify and plug your power leaks, so you get stronger and stronger over time.
Re-train your mind and body to hold your power, so anxiety and 'fight or flight' reactions become a distant memory.
Fall in love with the limelight, instead of dreading it.

"The course with Anne has been incredible and truly life changing!"

I am so grateful to have found her.  Anne is with you guiding you every step of the way to finding and then keeping your power. It takes persistence and is quite a journey, but the benefits can manifest in all areas of your life. Thank you Anne! It’s been really amazing – thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and being so supportive throughout this process. I hope to continue to get better and better at not losing and holding my power. No fear, feeling safe, feeling loved, being ME. X


I feel more safe, relaxed, in my own power."

I feel more aligned with my true power, have set boundaries in some relationships. I created more abundance (not directly/only via my business). And I feel more safe, relaxed, in my own power. When I lose that for a moment, I regain it back much quicker, with the help of her amazing PowerPractices, the healings & clearings, Anne provided and the deeper understanding about the power systems we live in. If you want to make an impactful leap: please join Anne’s programme as quick as you can!

Marjon te Riele

"It's the best investment you can do for yourself!"

I have never been so excited for my future as I am now and I can’t thank Anne enough for helping me and others to teach us and give us tools to be the best versions of ourselves.

I highly recommend Anne’s programme. It’s the best investment one can do for yourself.

Thank you so much Anne!! I just can’t thank you enough!


In just 40 days, you free yourself from a life-time of playing it small.

When you start truly holding your power, it's like nothing you've experienced before.
The first time I did it was in a business workshop, I couldn't believe how it felt.

I'd gone for 50 years believing myself empowered, but I'd never before experienced feeling confident to simply be ME, expressing my opinions, taking the lead, and having others respond accordingly.
I didn't have to force anything, push myself, or suffer through anxiety.  Neither did I sit in the meeting unable to contribute.  Instead I felt completely relaxed, and it felt so natural to just speak up as me - with authority and competence.  
I never thought such a thing would be possible for me.

This is a transformation all women deserve to experience. 

If you learned these skills in my Mastermind group, the investment would be £3000.   





Feel more confident than you ever imagined possible, without needing years of painstaking therapy sessions.


Pull back your power from the people who took it away and free yourself from your past.


Discover just how phenomenal you really are.  


When you hold your power, confidence sky-rockets immediately.


Week 1

In week 1, you start to create your power foundation by learning to focus power within your body.  Step by step you learn to shift your attention with your mind, and gradually train your system to hold power instead of giving it away.  Once you've learnt these techniques, you build on these practices, using them daily to make your power robust and invulnerable. (Don't worry, no physical exercise needed!)


Week 2

Now you start to analyse the way you interact in the world, identifying the situations and people who have been taking your power away. Once you have this awareness, you can release the conditioning that allows others to take your power away. 

Week 3

You now learn to stop that power drain, being alert to anywhere the power is being taken from you, and stop it in its tracks using your power techniques.  Unlike most women, you now have the ability to hold your power in any situation, feeling safe and strong. 

Week 4

Pulling back your power is my signature technique - the one that changes everything. This is where you gain the ability to pull your mind out of fight or flight.  
When you can do this, you have the key to detaching from all that negative messaging and programming that sabotages women. 
What used to drag you down is now 'water off a duck's back'!

Week 5

In the final section, you start reprogramming your subconscious to magnify your power and confidence in future events.  You set up the power dynamic in advance, so in that important event - interview, date, presentation, conversation or meeting - your subconscious knows exactly what to do to keep you powerful, automatically.  
This means you can relax, and get on with performing well, knowing your power won't drain away, and you'll BE CONFIDENT & FEMININE.

Are you ready for a confidence breakthrough?

Women have been running on empty because the world has been draining our power away!
When you learn to stop that process and make the power go
everything changes.


"The results are frankly amazing!"

I had worked with Anne as a personal mentor and gained so much from her extraordinary insights and interventions, that I was keen to get more of her wisdom in a different mentoring scenario. It was refreshing to work with a group of like-minded women and to know that others experience the same issues.

The combination of Anne’s clear teaching about her research and knowledge, and practical interaction with other women was powerful. And the results are frankly amazing! Problematic relationships have improved and power-draining situations have reversed.

Lucy McCarraher
Publisher, Author,
Founder of the Business Book Awards

"Every woman needs this understanding!"

So I've asked Anne to come speak at two of my events now - why...? Well there are a few reasons why:
1. Anne REALLY knows her stuff! She literally lives and breaths her message
2. What she knows is powerful and EVERY WOMAN needs this understanding
3. Anne wants to change the world as do I, that makes partnering with her not just enjoyable but mission driven and purposeful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Anne Whitehouse as a presenter of world changing ideas that help women heal, pull back their power and lead important meaningful change.

Dion Johnson

The Womanologist &
Bestselling Hayhouse Author of "Influential Woman" 


Powerful healing audios help you release deep-seated conditioning and blocks that have held you back for decades. Here we are literally reprogramming the operating system of our minds!  (value £300)


I'll be sharing my exclusive mind power techniques with you.  Up until now, these have only been available to my mastermind and 1:1 clients.  These are the keys that will unlock your true power.
(value £1400)


Exclusive colour power energy meditations to help you release old patterns, and open new possibilities of power and confidence. 


All the trainings are all pre-recorded, and available to watch at a time that's convenient for you, as many times as you wish, on your laptop, tablet or phone. 
(value £500)


You'll be unravelling your power response the world, with my deep assessment process.  This new awareness is the doorway to reprogramming the power dynamic of your life. 
(value £100)


Invaluable procedures, at your fingertips, showing you exactly which tools to use for which situation, to get you the best results, in the moment!

(value £100)


When you're on a transformation journey, the support of other like-minded women is so important. As a member of '40 Days' you'll get access to my student community where you can share your successes and ask questions.


You will have access to all the materials for the life-time of the programme. You will also receive access to any future updates or additions to the material.  I promise at least 12 months' notice if the programme is ending. (priceless!)


You will be invited to Zoom power workshops, live with Dr Anne, so you can practise your new power tools and get your individual questions answered. 

Are you ready to SHINE and feel FANTASTIC in the spotlight?



At the end of 40 days...

You will FEEL more confident and safe, than you believed possible. 

Sound wonderful?

Get started right away.


Your investment today is  £297




"I am so pleased I took action and joined."

I was initially reluctant to join Anne’s programme, it sounded great but something was holding me back, that “something” was my subconscious mind. There was part of me that felt afraid of the deep changes that would inevitably happen. I’m so pleased that I took action and joined. The self study programme and downloadable meditations have all contributed to moving me into a much better place where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power. Thank you for a wonderful experience Anne.

Author & Coach

"Dr Anne's course was a revelation."

Although I am considered confident and out-going by people who know me, inside I have always struggled in the spotlight - which is hard for someone in marketing!  I just pushed through all the stress, and thought it was just what I had to cope with. Dr Anne's course was a revelation.  It turned out that my power was draining away practically all the time, and this was at the root of my stress.  When I began to use the power techniques, things changed. I couldn't believe it!

Marketing VP

"I found myself speaking up more authoritatively."

I work in a male-dominated company which is very 'boys' club'.  I always felt at a disadvantage and was never given the same respect as my male co-workers.  After using Dr Anne's techniques, things began to shift at work.  

It wasn't instantaneous of course, but over a few weeks I found myself speaking up more authoritatively, and receiving more respect from those around me.  

It's a revelation.