Visionary women!  
Do you want the ability to embody power and confidence with anyone, anywhere, and literally reprogramme patriarchy? 


No more holding back.

Simply feeling safe to show up AS YOU.

Female Power Alchemist & Best-selling Author,
Dr Anne Whitehouse

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"You possess more power than you could possibly imagine.

It's just waiting for you to awaken it, and weave it into your life."

Dr Anne Whitehouse 



Let me tell you a story.


There was a beautiful eagle that flew too far and landed in the grounds of a King’s Palace in a distant land.

The King who had never seen an eagle before, exclaimed; “You poor thing, how did you get into this terrible state?”

He trimmed the eagle’s magnificent talons, cut her beak and clipped her wings.

“Now, you look more like a proper bird.”

The eagle tried to fly again, but she could not.

How could she soar high without her beautiful wings?

Do You Want to Shine, But You Keep Holding Back And You Don’t Know Why?

You'd love to be self-assured, and shine in your career, but you keep on holding back.

You’re talented, intelligent and motivated.

So why don't you feel good enough?

Does it feel as if everyone else has power over you?

Do you find yourself fitting in with other people, and fearing their disapproval,  instead of being true to your desires and dreams?

Do you struggle to speak up  and express yourself authentically, whether it's in that work meeting, or with your partner? 

Do you have big dreams?  But fears of being attacked or criticised keep you playing it small?

If you have a higher purpose or vision to get into the world, you know this means standing out in public.

Although there’s nothing stopping you, it feels as if you’re in a straitjacket.  

Every step forwards triggers huge fears and anxiety.

Or maybe you feel it in your personal life…you want to show up as you, and create meaningful relationships, but instead you sit on the outside.


The world tells you to 'speak up' and 'step into your power' but often it's not that easy!

These things can feel blocked, especially if you're introvert, work in a male-dominated or aggressive profession, or you've had life challenges.



"There is a way to not only break free,
but to empower yourself
more than you ever dreamed possible." 

Dr Anne Whitehouse 

What if you could just let yourself shine effortlessly?

In your career, in your personal life, with men, with groups...

No longer concerned with judgement or criticism.


What if you could feel truly confident and powerful...

Feeling safe to show up




Sound like an impossible dream?  

Let me assure you it isn’t.  
Although if you’d told me that 20 years ago
I wouldn’t have believed it myself.


  • You had the ability to reduce anxiety in any situation, and become calm and self-assured.
  • You had a tried and tested process that magnifies your confidence at will, in person and online.
  • You felt safe and relaxed when people are looking at you.
  • You knew how to deal with confrontation, without feeling attacked.
  • You could easily promoted yourself, your work, your business, without dreading criticism.
  • You could finally trust yourself to perform well, and hold your power, when eyes are on you.
  • You no longer felt invisible, but instead being SEEN and HEARD.


I'm not going to beat about the bush...

Everything women are told to do to 'get confident' misses the mark, because it doesn't go to the root of the problem.

The root is in our heritage, and this is where I will take you, to rebuild your power.

"Every woman needs this understanding!"

So I've asked Anne to come speak at two of my events now - why...? Well there are a few reasons why:
1. Anne REALLY knows her stuff! She literally lives and breaths her message
2. What she knows is powerful and EVERY WOMAN needs this understanding
3. Anne wants to change the world as do I, that makes partnering with her not just enjoyable but mission driven and purposeful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Anne Whitehouse as a presenter of world changing ideas that help women heal, pull back their power and lead important meaningful change.

Dion Johnson

The Womanologist &
Bestselling Hayhouse Author of "Influential Woman" 

Why don't we feel safe standing out?

Why do we hold back, despite our abilities?

Women today are born into the bright new world where we are meant to have equality.

But here’s the problem, this has only been true for a few decades, and we were disempowered for millennia.

On the energetic level, we are still being held back by the legacy of patriarchy.  Its effects are undermining us far more than anyone realises.


This is what we are dealing with:

1 – We Are Conditioned To Give Our Power Away

From childhood, we're conditioned to do this!  The patterns are so deeply ingrained that nobody notices.  

Trouble is, this makes us feel vulnerable, it creates blocks, fears and limits us.

More importantly  – once we’ve lost our power, we can’t get it back!


2 – Women Have No Power Foundation

Every subliminal message we receive is one of male default in the world of success.  


Assumption and the 'double standard'.

It all goes against us.

The moment we set foot in that meeting room, that company, or that boardroom, our cells tell us we shouldn’t be there. 

The moment we begin to outshine the men in our lives, earn more money, embrace leadership and power, and go beyond what our mothers and grandmothers had,
the rug is pulled away from us, and we're playing catch-up.



3 – We Shut Down Our True Feminine Power

We've been conditioned to hide who we are, and suppress our true power.  Instead, we either take on a male energy or squeeze ourselves into the shape the world tells us we should be. 

Our magnificent wings, our talons and our beak – everything which makes us truly women of power – are removed.

Yet underneath, we yearn to be ourselves and to let our forgotten powers blossom and shine.


It’s no wonder we don't feel safe standing out. 

Or put another way... 

 Simply telling the Eagle that she’s now allowed to fly doesn’t restore her feathers and talons.

Yes, we are allowed to be eagles again, but just having the opportunity and the rights doesn’t restore what history took away from us.

Until we get our wings back again, we won’t be able to soar to our full potential.

What we need is the knowledge to restore and re-awaken what has been lost.

It's time to be restored to our TRUE SHAPE!  

Not the shape history forced onto us. 

This is why believing in our empowerment just isn’t enough.

That’s why we need to actually pull back our power and restore the power foundation that has been forbidden to us for so long.

Only then can we fully embody our highest vision in the world.


 A letter from
 Dr Anne Whitehouse

Dear Visionary Woman, 

Now is a time of re-awakening.

Women are no longer satisfied with fitting in, staying in the shadows, or emulating the masculine to succeed.  

We have a yearning in our hearts and in our blood to rekindle our true powers.  Even women in conventional careers.

But we can't just jump from where we are to where we want to be.

We need to rebuild that which we lost.

Through my own experiences in engineering, and the decades since, I've seen first-hand just how much brilliance is suppressed in the world, and it has a heavy toll on our lives.

When I published my book, Pull Back Your Power, its vision was to change this, and give women the blueprint of another way.  

Now in this special training, I'm guiding you through this process, using The Re-Power® techniques.

The ancient women of power are your ancestors and mine.

We have access to far more subtle power than our western world would have us believe.

After 20 years of research, and working with hundreds of women, I'm now sharing the mind techniques that have transformed my life and many others - techniques that have opened up a new world of power. 

I invite you on an exquisite journey to reawaken YOUR deepest female powers, and learn to weave them into your modern life.

These power techniques can be learned by anyone.  They enable us to change the power dynamic between us and the world.  

They can be learned by you, and they will transform your life.

Much love

Dr Anne 


Confidence has nothing to do with your personality
or your faith in yourself.


CONFIDENCE is created when you're
free to express 

CONFIDENCE is created when you
hold your power
even when people try to take it from you. 


Anxiety, feeling unsafe, holding back, being invisible - they just evaporate when you're holding your power. 

The ability to hold and control this energy changes everything.  

This is what I will teach you.

I'm ready to hold my power!

You deserve success, fun, well-being and fulfilment - without changing your beautiful character

  • Even if you're in a male-dominated career!

  • Even if you're from a patriarchal culture!

  • Even if your workplace is toxic!

  • Even if you're terrified of standing out in public!

  • Even if you're stepping into a new level of authority, leadership and exposure!

You can create a new power dynamic, and feel TRULY SAFE being SEEN and HEARD.  

ONLY THEN can you have the IMPACT you desire, get the RECOGNITION and INCOME  you deserve, and fulfil your career dreams.  

Let me show you how!



This is so much more than confidence,
it's a

The proven approach that puts you in control of your reactions,
and turns the old power dynamic on its head!

Experience ease with the limelight that you've only dreamed of.  
No more pushing through stress.

No need to fake anything, or change your character! 

I'd love this!

"The results are frankly amazing!"

I had worked with Anne as a personal mentor and gained so much from her extraordinary insights and interventions, that I was keen to get more of her wisdom in a different mentoring scenario. It was refreshing to work with a group of like-minded women and to know that others experience the same issues.

The combination of Anne’s clear teaching about her research and knowledge, and practical interaction with other women was powerful. And the results are frankly amazing! Problematic relationships have improved and power-draining situations have reversed.

Lucy McCarraher
Publisher, Author,
Founder of the Business Book Awards

By the end of '40 Days to Double Your Confidence',
you'll have the ability to:

  • TURN OFF 'FIGHT OR FLIGHT'  whenever you feel under attack, lack confidence or are struggling to speak up (both in person or on Zoom!)  
  • STAND UP FOR YOURSELF with domineering people.
  • FEEL SAFER IN THE SPOTLIGHT than you ever believed possible.
  • PROJECT CREDIBILITY AND POWER in stressful or aggressive situations, even if you have always felt invisible or introvert in the past. 
  • Set up profound confidence IN ADVANCE of an important meeting, interview or conversation, so you can relax on the day.

Unlike other courses and programmes that only give you superficial techniques, in '40 Days' you get to the root of your reaction, and actually change this - so you don't have to fake it or push though anxiety any longer.

Instead, you actually BECOME CONFIDENT.

I'm ready to discover my full power

A unique combination of conscious mind techniques,
subconscious mind upgrades and energy alchemy
that you won't find anywhere else.


Powerful healing audios help you release deep-seated conditioning and blocks that have held you back for decades. Here we are literally reprogramming the operating system of our minds!  (value £300)


I'll be sharing my exclusive mind power techniques with you.  Up until now, these have only been available to my mastermind and 1:1 clients.  These are the keys that will unlock your true power.
(value £1400)


Exclusive colour power energy meditations to help you release old patterns, and open new possibilities of power and confidence. 
(value £300)


All the trainings are all pre-recorded, and available to watch at a time that's convenient for you, as many times as you wish, on your laptop, tablet or phone. 
(value £500)


You'll be unravelling your power response the world, with my deep assessment process.  This new awareness is the doorway to reprogramming the power dynamic of your life. 
(value £100)


Invaluable procedures, at your fingertips, showing you exactly which tools to use for which situation, to get you the best results, in the moment!
(value £100)


When you're on a transformation journey, the support of other like-minded women is so important. As a member of '40 Days' you'll get access to my student community where you can share your successes and ask questions.


You will have access to all the materials for the life-time of the programme. You will also receive access to any future updates or additions to the material.  I promise at least 12 months' notice if the programme is ending. (priceless!)

"This isn't a fluffy New-Age training.  You'll get tangible abilities and learn to apply them in real world situations." 

Dr Anne Whitehouse 

"I could take back my power in the lunch break!"

I had an experience recently where I was heavily criticised on a work course, and felt in bits, but the teachings in this course meant that I could take my power back in the lunch break with a visualisation that Anne taught me that took a few minutes (would not have been possible before – I would have stayed rock bottom) and in the afternoon of the course I was calm, confident, HEARD, commanded my session with my power back once more –  and the comment I had was “what happened? You are a completely different person now from the person you were this morning".

MRI Specialist

You're standing n front of the audience and you can feel their eyes on you.  There's a sickening anxiety in your stomach.  You feel sweaty. Despite your hours of preparation, your mind goes blank.  It feels as if you're on trial, even though you know you're good at your job.  You're terrified of humiliating yourself and losing credibility.

It's a nightmare every time you have to do something like this, but you have no choice if you want this career.

 You're standing in front of the audience.  You have already activated your power foundation.  You feel anxiety start, but immediately magnify your power, and it subsides.  You feel calm, prepared and confident. It's safe to shine and have no problem speaking clearly and competently. What's more, when that misogynist starts heckling, you deflect him easily, keeping your poise.

Staying in command. 

You want to promote your online business and grow your community.  You've been on the challenges and paid for the trainings, and you know it means doing lives, engaging and messaging. But when you try to do this, it just feels so exposing. You feel like a target. If a troll makes a nasty comment, it feels as if you've been stabbed in the gut! You end up making excuse after excuse to delay posting that video. 

 You feel relaxed and confident out online.  You can hold your power, grace and poise, no matter what.  You worry about being perfect less and less, and as a result you know you're looking more confident and authoritative.  You feel safe in the authenticity of your message, and any negativity feels like water off a duck's back. There was a time when you wanted nothing more than to lurk.  Now you can happily go live, and enjoy it. 

These are the kind of results you can experience!

"I heartily recommend working with Anne"

Despite a TEDx Talk, a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, being a crowd-funded publisher, a published author, and the first British female film director with a movie in the cinemas, I felt like I have been doing this chained to an unimaginable weight, dragging me back, and on my knees after every achievement.

After working with Anne, I was not only able to fill my Signature Speech Programme but I appeared on the stage in Los Angeles with a Transformational Comedy gig, lead a year long speaking mentorship, and start my own web-show, The Legend Within, all about Mind Goblins, big ideas, and better stories.

I heartily recommend working with Anne if you want to get rid of the invisible bounds that truly hold women back, especially if you have a message you want to share, need to get visible to be effective, and want to define success your way – in fact, you owe it to yourself to release up more of your own power.

Melanie Gow
Professional Speaker, Business Coach
and Legend Maker

"The course with Anne has been incredible and truly life changing!"

I am so grateful to have found her.  Anne is with you guiding you every step of the way to finding and then keeping your power. It takes persistence and is quite a journey, but the benefits can manifest in all areas of your life. Thank you Anne! It’s been really amazing – thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and being so supportive throughout this process. I hope to continue to get better and better at not losing and holding my power. No fear, feeling safe, feeling loved, being ME. X


"I feel more safe, relaxed, in my own power."

I feel more aligned with my true power, have set boundaries in some relationships. I created more abundance (not directly/only via my business). And I feel more safe, relaxed, in my own power. When I lose that for a moment, I regain it back much quicker, with the help of her amazing PowerPractices, the healings & clearings, Anne provided and the deeper understanding about the power systems we live in. If you want to make an impactful leap: please join Anne’s programme as quick as you can!

Marjon te Riele

"It's the best investment you can do for yourself!"

I have never been so excited for my future as I am now and I can’t thank Anne enough for helping me and others to teach us and give us tools to be the best versions of ourselves.

I highly recommend Anne’s programme. It’s the best investment one can do for yourself.

Thank you so much Anne!! I just can’t thank you enough!


 It's time for you to receive the promotions, success and income that you deserve.

It's time to hold your own, no matter how dismissive or aggressive those around you.

It's time to feel relaxed and confident, being yourself, and shining!

AND it's time to allow your true power to re-awaken, and enhance your life with it.

40 Days to Double Your Confidence!

The first time I'm sharing these techniques in this affordable, self-study format!

  • No more faking it to make it
  • Game-changing mind power techniques, taught step by step
  • Feel safe to be seen as a powerful woman
  • Speak up confidently in situations that used to drain your voice
  • No more having to emulate men to get ahead
  • Step into more visibility, more leadership and more authority - the female way!
I'm ready to discover how powerful I truly am

Get your hands on the exact process I use with my highest level clients, and the process which has transformed my own life.

It's time for the world to see how magnificent you can really be.

"I invite you on an exquisite journey to reawaken YOUR deepest female powers, and learn to weave them into your modern life.

Dr Anne Whitehouse 

Women who have trained with me have:

  • Transformed toxic relationships by claiming a new power.
  • Gained promotions at work.
  • Got pay rises.
  • Got better jobs.
  • Walked away from situations where they had felt trapped.
  • Stood up to bullying colleagues.
  • Spoken up in situations where before they were invisible.
  • Dramatically expanded their online visibility and authority.

They had felt stuck and believed they had to put up with things as they were.  But when they trained their systems to hold power, and learnt how to come out of fight or flight, everything began to shift for them.

Awakening ancient powers for modern success!

All it takes is:

  • Commitment to yourself. 
  • Knowing that you're worth it.
  • Your commitment to trust the process.
  • Setting aside a small amount of time each day.
  • Opening your mind to new possibilities!
  • Determination to put in the effort and do the work!

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Dr Anne Whitehouse

Female Power Alchemist,
Author, Healer & Scientist

40 Days to Double Your Confidence is the result of two decades of research and transforming my own life, and helping hundreds of women like you do the same. 

Thirty years ago, I was a high-flying academic, working in the 'boys' club' world of university engineering.  Despite my qualifications,  my stress ramped up, I found I couldn't speak up when I wanted to - especially in meetings - and I felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under me.

Little did I know that this ENVIRONMENT was actually DRAINING MY POWER! Over six short years I spiralled into a spectacular burnout. 

I soon realised I wasn't alone, and that many highly capable women were going through exactly the same thing. 

I decided this HAD TO CHANGE!

This took me on a journey deep into our subconscious world where I discovered just how much women were being undermined. 

In 2019 I published my bestselling book "Pull Back Your Power", and this led to my first ground-breaking mastermind Female Power Voice, using The Re-Power® techniques. The results my students achieved were far beyond my expectations.  I realised then that these were techniques that all women needed.  And so, 40 Days to Double Your Confidence was born!

If you're ready to take the next step and free yourself from playing it small, it is my privilege to share my knowledge with you. 

"It has been a magical and an incredibly life changing experience!"

All areas of my life have taken the most incredible U-turn, I have been given the pay I deserve with a promotion to Vice President too and I have brought my first home.
I am now able to speak up in a positive manner without being fearful or defensive about what I am truly looking for in my love life, the kind of love/partner I want and the life I desire.”


A Confidence Transformation like no other. 


Your Power Tools


In week 1, you start to create your power foundation by learning to focus power within your body.  Step by step you learn to shift your attention with your mind, and gradually train your system to hold power instead of giving it away.  Once you've learnt these techniques, you build on these practices, using them daily to make your power robust and invulnerable. (Don't worry, no physical exercise needed!)


Your Power Story


Now you start to analyse the way you interact in the world, identifying the situations and people who have been taking your power away. Once you have this awareness, you can release the conditioning that allows others to take your power away. 


Re-Powering Yourself


You now learn to stop that power drain, being alert to anywhere the power is being taken from you, and stop it in its tracks using your power techniques.  Unlike most women, you now have the ability to hold your power in any situation, feeling safe and strong. 


Pulling Back Your Power


Pulling back your power is my signature technique - the one that changes everything. This is where you gain the ability to pull your mind out of fight or flight.  

When you can do this, you have the key to detaching from all that negative messaging and programming that sabotages women. 

What used to drag you down is now 'water off a duck's back'!


Creating Future Confidence


In the final section, you start reprogramming your subconscious to magnify your power and confidence in future events.  You set up the power dynamic in advance, so in that important event - interview, presentation, conversation or meeting - your subconscious knows exactly what to do to keep you powerful, automatically.  

This means you can relax, and get on with performing well, knowing your power won't drain away, and you'll BE CONFIDENT.

40 Days to Double Your Confidence will change the way you feel and react in the world.

This is your key to living your full female power, without compromise.

And that's when the magic happens!

The 'imposter' becomes an amazing enchantress who knows how to use her power with grace.

Not only do you feel so different, but people around you start to treat you with a new respect.

I've included some special bonuses to set you up for success.

Healing Your Subconscious Mind!
  • BONUS 1 --> Deep Restful Sleep Healing.
    Relax as your brain-waves gently unwind to my 60 minute audio meditation. Nothing helps your performance more than a good night's sleep.  The more you use this bonus, the deeper the clearing. (Worth £50)

  • BONUS 2 --> Allowing Yourself to Receive Support.  Receiving is something that many women struggle with. We feel we must 'do it all by ourselves' to be independent, or to prove ourselves.  Or we've been let down in the past and now shut down support.  The truth is that in order to thrive, we need support, both on the spiritual level, and the 3D level.  This powerful subconscious clearing helps you release those old judgements, and allow yourself to receive support in all areas of your life. (Worth £97)

What's the time commitment?

Each week you receive some key trainings, in easy to consume sections.  Then you start to put the power techniques into practice in your life. 

Give me a few minutes each day, and I'll show you how to change transform your confidence forever. 

Over our 40 days together, you build up resilience to your power being drained, and gain effective tools to deal with whatever life throws at you.  The result - you become stronger, more confident, and more relaxed.

"The techniques are incredibly effective."

I have seen positive results when using them very quickly. It has made a huge difference as to how I feel at work and how I react in challenging situations that I would have previously found very difficult. I am becoming far more confident, relaxed and trusting in my own skills and ability to do my job.

Town Planner

"I can change how I react in any situation."

The more I use the techniques, the more confident I am becoming in using them and the better the results I am seeing. I have realised that there is a lot I need to work on as like many other women I have gone through life giving my power away in far too many situations and not speaking up confidently. However, I also find this very exciting as I now know that I no longer have to accept this as my default reaction. I can change how I react in any situation with some very effective techniques that Anne has taught us. The possibilities are endless.


"I feel stronger inside and protected on the outside."

It’s hard to put into words the changes that have happened within me with this particular program ~ the best way is to say it is that I feel stronger inside & protected on the outside. 

Multiple Business Owner

"I am a new person with so much faith and confidence."

I feel a lot has shifted in my life in these few weeks. It has been a life-changing experience that I’m everso grateful for.  A lot of things come to the surface during the course and this is amazing. One thing for sure is my life will never be the same again. I feel I am a new person with so much faith and confidence as so many blocks have been removed.  Thank you Anne.

Danielle R.

"The result is beyond my expectation."

I started my FPV journey with a simple hope to gain more self-confidence . The result is beyond my expectation. I haven't only been able to control my energy using different techniques to deal with challenging situations at workplace and in my daily life but also generate my inner peace and healing power thanks to my group's support throughout the course. I highly recommend this course if you want to be a better version of yourself, live a healthy life and find out the power/potential that you are holding inside. It has been my pleasure to join Anne and others in this transformational journey.

Thanks a lot Anne!

Chikiku Imahara

I'm ready to get my wings back and soar!

It's for you if...

  • You're a woman who is ready to stand out and shine, at work and at home.
  • You desire more impact, more visibility and more authority, but you hold back even though you know you're capable.
  • You can't wait to speak up, and feel safe doing it.  Even in a meeting full of men with their testosterone on full!
  • You love the idea of using your mind to change your world, and you're open to seeing the world as your energetic playground!
  • You feel the yearning to connect with your ancient powers, even if you have never taken a  step like this before. 
  • You take responsibility for your own success, and are ready to put in the work to get what you want.
It's not for you if...

You expect a quick fix with no effort.  If you only believe in the 3D world.  If you aren't ready to take responsibility for your own success.  Or if you want to stay invisible!

"I am so pleased I took action and joined."

I was initially reluctant to join Anne’s programme, it sounded great but something was holding me back, that “something” was my subconscious mind. There was part of me that felt afraid of the deep changes that would inevitably happen. I’m so pleased that I took action and joined. The self study programme and downloadable meditations have all contributed to moving me into a much better place where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power. Thank you for a wonderful experience Anne.

Author & Coach

"Dr Anne's course was a revelation."

Although I am considered confident and out-going by people who know me, inside I have always struggled in the spotlight - which is hard for someone in marketing!  I just pushed through all the stress, and thought it was just what I had to cope with. Dr Anne's course was a revelation.  It turned out that my power was draining away practically all the time, and this was at the root of my stress.  When I began to use the power techniques, things changed. I couldn't believe it!

Marketing VP


"I found myself speaking up more authoritatively."

I work in a male-dominated company which is very 'boys' club'.  I always felt at a disadvantage and was never given the same respect as my male co-workers.  After using Dr Anne's techniques, things began to shift at work.  

It wasn't instantaneous of course, but over a few weeks I found myself speaking up more authoritatively, and receiving more respect from those around me.  

It's a revelation.


"It was the first time I'd felt truly relaxed and confident being myself, speaking up as an authority, in front of all those people.  I literally didn't know it was possible for me!"

Fran Roberts
Software Engineer


"I found Anne's invaluable Re-Power®  techniques highly effective and life-changing."

Anne is inspiring and an expert in helping women find their confidence, inner power and voice in challenging circumstances. As a professional working in a highly competitive industry which is particularly male dominated, I found Anne's invaluable suggestions and techniques, highly effective and life changing. Anne helped me recognise my inner strength to face and overcome awkward challenges and obstacles which regrettably to this day may professional women still face.

Stella Davis
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner


Imagine how different your life would be if you had the confidence speak up and be seen, when it really matters. 

What could you be?  
What could you achieve then?




The total value of this programme is over £2500, but you can get this training for the special price of £297 today.

I want to start today

"| stopped worrying so much about what people thought."

I considered myself quite confident - until that is I started building my business online.  Somehow being out in social media, freaked me out.  Each time I had to go live, I'd have a knot of anxiety in my stomach, and I'd stumble over my words. It just felt so exposed.  Using Anne's power techniques really changed the way I reacted.  As I built my power foundation, I felt safer and safer.  I stopped worrying so much about what people thought, and as a result I looked relaxed and confident. Fantastic!

Jenny Holland

"I'm so glad I took a chance on Dr Anne's techniques."

I've spent my whole career as the 'one woman in the room' with a load of men.  I always felt that I had to be twice as good as them, and still wasn't given the credibility I wanted.  The confidence training really changed things for me.  The reactions of my colleagues had less and less effect on me, and I have actually started to feel on an equal level with them.  Basically, that feeling of battle begun to go. I was nervous about the training initially because I didn't think anything could be done, but I'm so glad I took a chance on Dr Anne's techniques.

Helena T.


"It feels like I am rebuilding myself, but with a stronger foundation."

It feels like I am rebuilding myself, but with a stronger foundation underneath. This was a totally alien concept to me initially. The thought that I could have been held back and blocked from achieving what I really wanted because of ancestral energy patterns in my subconscious, seemed unreal. Although it was something I didn’t really understand, I just went with it. The programme encourages you to look into your past for patterns. Making these connections can be quite powerful not only in the healing process, but in trying to break free from old energies and belief systems. It is from that place that change can really occur.   It feels like I am rebuilding myself, but with a stronger foundation underneath. This is a journey that builds. Thank you Anne x 

Louise Gaskell

"A security blanket of the most powerful tools to stay solid as a rock inside without being shaken"

Before, I used to feel so insecure, anxious and fearful when something happened it could be anything I would feel so lost and not know what to do or where to turn.  Since taking part in this programme, and having all the techniques and tools, it’s like a sense of calmness and a security blanket of the most powerful tools to stay solid as a rock inside without being shaken to the core by external factors.  The techniques have made it so much easier to manage anything that arises, all techniques are transferable to all areas of your life which is the best part.

L. B.
Business Owner

"It was transformative."

First, I bought Anne's book.  'Interesting', I thought, and gave it to my daughter to read as well.  Then I listened to some of her meditations.  'What a lovely woman'  I thought, 'what a lovely voice'.  Then the email came through about the course.  I couldn't afford it.  I couldn't NOT afford it.  So I did it.  It was transformative.    If you do the course I recommend selecting a 1-2-1 with Anne as part of the package.  INMHO, this work is part of a (welcome) societal change.  One that will really help us, and our daughters - and by extension - our sons.   Prepare to be discombobulated!  I feel freer, and more optimistic.   When I look at what other women are achieving I don't feel jealous -  I feel really delighted for them and hopeful that I, too, might be able to try and do the same in my own terms.  I know I still have more work to do, but what the course and working with you has done has given me some important tools, and well as providing a flaming torch to follow going forward.


My invitation to you…

I know first hand what it feels like to battle with low confidence, despite my abilities.  

I also know just how different it feels when you truly hold your power  - energetically -  no matter what.

We can now free ourselves once and for all.  

Would you like to join me?

My unique techniques really do transform the way you feel in the world. This isn't a quick fix, it's a tried and tested process that frees us from the root of low confidence. Trust the process, and be consistent with your power practices, you will get the results.

You are WORTH IT, and so is everyone who will benefit when you truly shine in your life and in the world.  

Dr Anne

So how does our story end? Does our beautiful eagle soar once again into the sky?

Well that is up to you.

If you're ready to embody a whole new level of power and brilliance, and free yourself once and for all from that patriarchal legacy, then she surely will.