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Safe in the Spotlight - no more visibility fears!



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1. SAFE TO BE SEEN – (mp3 audio clearing, 22 mins)

If you want to make a difference and step into your true female power and leadership, you need to be visible – to be seen. Sounds easy, but many gifted women find this prospect triggers deep fears, blocks and makes them hold back. It is our right to take up space in the world and hold positions of power and authority – rather than just the support, hidden roles that were traditionally ours. This healing releases subconscious blocks that tell you it’s not safe to be truly visible.


2. SAFE TO SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD – (mp3 audio clearing, 17 mins)

Women have been conditioned to silence themselves on many levels for centuries. This ancestral patterning still takes away our voice today. This healing helps you release those ancient blocks, and allows you to connect to your 21st century rights and entitlements to speak up, hold authority, have an opinion and be heard – Within our families, with men, in society, and in your career. In this healing we create a power foundation to support our voice in the world.


3. SAFE TO BE YOUSELF– (mp3 audio clearing, 22 mins)

Releasing the conditioning that makes women suppress ourselves to fit in, to please others, and to do what the status quo expects of us. If you’ve ever felt restrained, constricted, or felt fear in expressing yourself, then this means you’re squeezing yourself into the expectations and rules of others. Before you can truly fly, you need to be free to be yourself. 

4. RELEASE ANCESTRAL SILENCING OF WOMEN – (Video training and healing, 44 mins)

In this group healing, we go deep into our ancestry and create the foundation we need to stand in our voice and message POWERFULLY, even when those around us are trying to shout us down, ignore us or undermine us.  The missing link – having a power foundation that supports us in those places. 


5. FREEDOM from PERSECUTION FEARS – (Video training and healing, 38 mins)

The ‘Witch-Wound’ is a deep group conscious trauma that affects all women. So many powerful women have been persecuted and executed over the centuries all over the world. Why? Because they threatened the patriarchy and the status quo. This triggers deep fears in our subconscious minds when we begin to step into our true power. Freeing ourselves from this is an essential step to visibility, leadership and impact here and now.




6. FREEDOM to be EMPOWERED THROUGH MONEY – (Healing, 60 mins)

Money is power – we’ve all heard this.  Truth is that women have been controlled and limited for centuries because we did not control the money.   This used to be entrenched in every family, in law and the gender pay gap is the legacy of this that still undermines women today. This clearing works to disconnect you from those old patterns, and create a money power foundation.  Without a money power foundation you can’t hold the energy of money.  Now is time to free yourself from those historical limits!



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